Environmental Consciousness
An Environmentally responsible Approach

At MSA, we understand designer's obligation to repair & restore the state of environment & our approach extends beyond simply reading the negative impact of construction. We recognize that each project has a unique “ecosystem” & we strive to integrate project objectives within broader social & environmental mission. Since construction activities are a major source of pollution on our planet, we believe in using and reusing materials in optimum quantity and with efficiency.

We plan developments to promote Urbanism & Public Life so that the common resources are shared. We create buildings that consumes less energy with climate conscious designs. Our project contribute additional green space & improved air quality.

How we achieve sustainability

MSA is closely associated with senior green building consultants & upgrade through constant dialogues & workshops with MSA team members.

Our in house “Team Green” led by founding partners and associates are the firm’s key resource for researching the latest technologies & advancement in sustainable design and sharing this information across the firm’s architecture, interior design & planning studios to integrate sustainable parameters in all design decision.

Instead of blindly following a 'green checklist', MSA integrates contribution of engineers, consultants, manufactures and R & D professionals in to design process in order to derive unique response to each project that is in response to climate and context, thus contributing to the specialized approach of MSA.

All team member are involved from preschematic design through construction upto project completion & post occupancy evaluation.

At the beginning of each project MSA works with clients to establish environmental performance goal & outline a process for achieving the same. We identify the most effective team of experts, evaluate budget & schedules, & research existing standards & guidelines & try to develop green operational practices, We try to educate clients, in-house teams & users to ensure environmentally responsible practices continue through a project span.